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Design and creativity are important skills to have in today’s world. With the help of free online courses and MOOCs, anyone can learn these skills. Penn, CalArts, USM, University of Maryland and other top universities around the world offer great courses along with certificates for those interested in learning more about graphic design and creativity. Be sure to read reviews before enrolling in a course to make sure it’s the right fit for you.

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Which course is best for creativity?

Creative quality is something that can be nurtured and developed. We cannot say that one course is better than the other when it comes to creativity. It is more about what suits your personality and what you want to achieve. The best way of figuring out which course would work for you is by trying them out.

Can I learn about creativity by taking online courses on Coursera?

Creativity is the ability to produce something new, novel and valuable. It is the process of generating ideas that are both novel and valuable. Creativity can be defined as a mental process involving imagination and innovation.

Creativity is an essential skill for innovation, problem-solving, or any other task that requires breaking new ground. To learn about creativity online Coursera offers a number of courses on how to generate or develop new ideas and all these creative courses are from top universities & offer certifications.

What kinds of careers can I have with a background in creativity?

Creativity is a skill set that not everyone has. The creative industry is growing day by day and it needs an army of creative professionals to keep up with the demand. Creative professionals are vital for making the world more beautiful, innovative and cohesive.

Creative jobs are very diverse, from advertising to graphic design to filmmaking. They can be found in all sectors of the economy, from education to healthcare, from law enforcement to retail.