Academic Writing (Swayam)

Academic Writing is a free online MOOC Course, Offered by UGC, H.N.B Garhwal University (A Central University) Srinagar Garhwal and CEC via Swayam.

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Academic Writing Swayam
Academic Writing (Swayam)


Myself, Dr. Ajay Semalty, from HNB Garhwal University (A Central University) Srinagar Garhwal, Uttarakhand welcome you on behalf of our entire team. After the two successful runs of the course in the last two cycles, we are proud to present India’s most popular SWAYAM MOOC which got a maximum number of exam registration (among all the SWAYAM MOOCs) and has been listed in the top 30 MOOCs worldwide ( So far, more than 20000 learners across more than 85 countries have taken the advantage of the course.

In academic and research, who does not want the publications? In spite of being a vital requirement in an academic & research career, there is no comprehensive setup of learning academic writing in the knowledge domain.

This course aims to fill this gap by providing the fundamental knowledge required for effective and result-oriented academic writing. It is a foundation course and the application of this knowledge completely depends on an individual learner and his or her area of research.

Objectives of Course

Upon completing the course, one would be able

  • To differentiate between various kinds of academic writings.
  • To identify and avoid plagiarism.
  • To practice the basic skills of performing a quality literature review.
  • To practice the basic skills of a research paper, review paper, and thesis writing.
  • To target the research work to a suitable journal and communicate for publication
  • To practice Time and team management.
  • To practice digital writing or develop Open Educational Resources (OER).
  • To write research proposals, conference abstracts, and book chapters/ book proposals.


Week 1

Academic & research writing: Introduction; Importance of academic writing; Basic rules of academic writing

Week 2

English in academic writing I & II; Styles of research writing

Week 3

Plagiarism: Introduction; Tools for the detection of plagiarism; Avoiding plagiarism

Week 4

Journal Metrics

Week 5

Author Metrics

Week 6

Literature review: Introduction, Source of literature; Process of literature review

Week 7

Online literature databases; Literature management tools

Week 8

Review Paper Writing, I & II

Week 9

Research paper writing I, II, III

Week 10

Referencing and citation; Submission and; Post submission

Week 11

Thesis Writing I, II & III

Week 12

Empirical Study I, II & III

Week 13

Challenges in Indian research & writing; Team management (mentor and collaborators); Time Management

Week 14

Research proposal writing; Abstract/ Conference Paper/ Book/ Book Chapter writing; OERs: basic concept and licenses

Week 15

Open Educational Resources (OERs) for learning & Research; OERs development I & II


Dr. Ajay Semalty

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15 Weeks

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