Mental Health and Resilience for Healthcare Workers (Coursera)

Mental Health and Resilience for Healthcare Workers is an online MOOC Course, Offered by the University of Toronto via Coursera.

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Mental Health and Resilience for Healthcare Workers Course Overview

Mental Health and Resilience for Healthcare Workers Coursera course will help institutions and individuals better manage the mental health challenges of being a healthcare worker. Healthcare providers such as the University Health Network (UHN) address the mental health needs of their staff through several initiatives intended to help build resilience and to provide respite from the demands of their work. This was critical during the pandemic but, of course, healthcare workers encounter high levels of stress even without a pandemic.

The primary purpose of this course was to document and explain lessons learned with the hopes of informing healthcare institutions and healthcare workers about effective strategies and why they work. Dr. Heather Gordon will highlight strategies she has employed within the UHN during the pandemic, and Professor Steve Joordens will discuss the psychology underlying these interventions.

Course Syllabus

Introduction and Welcome

WEEK 2: Understanding and Managing Anxiety – Introduction

WEEK 3: Using the Environment to Support Mental Wellbeing

WEEK 4: The Power of Gratitude

WEEK 5: Building Resilience

WEEK 6: Burnout

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  • Heather Gordon
  • Steve Joordens

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