Mathematical Economics (Swayam)

Mathematical Economics is online course offered by Doon University, Dehradun , UGC and CEC via Swayam.

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Mathematical Economics (Swayam)


Welcome Dear Learner! It is a pleasure to welcome you to the course Mathematical Economics. This course has been designed to make the study of Economics using Mathematics simple and easy to understand. Apart from Economics, this course will be beneficial to solve problems in Engineering, Architecture, Medicine, Finance, Management, Policy-making and Analytics.
Objectives of the course: Build models by expressing words in symbols, numbers and equations Explore techniques to solve complex problems Measure the effect of change and discover techniques to improve your decision-making process Explore Economic dynamics Skills you will gain: Scientific Thinking Logical Thinking Critical Thinking Analytical Thinking Pre-requisites: Elementary Economics Elementary Mathematics


Week 1: Number Systems, Set Theory and Functions
Week 2: Economic Models
Week 3: Utility and Partial Equilibrium Market Model
Week 4: Matrix Algebra
Week 5: Application of Matrix in Market Model and National Income Model
Week 6: Input-Output Analysis
Week 7:Differentiation
Week 8: Linear Programming
Week 9: Duality in Linear Programming
Week 10: Integration and its Applications
Week 11: Differential Equations
Week 12: Exact Differential Equations and Second Order Differential Equations
Week 13: Difference Equations
Week 14: Applications of Difference Equations in Economics
Week 15: Computational Economics


Ms. Sikha Ahmad and Mr. Ishteyaaq Ahmad

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