Introduction to Indoor Air Quality (Coursera)

Introduction to Indoor Air Quality is online course offered by The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology via Coursera.

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Introduction to Indoor Air Quality (Coursera)


Course Overview:
This course provides a basic knowledge of an emerging area – Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in buildings. Learners will realize the importance of maintaining proper IAQ.

Characteristics associated with indoor air contaminants (IAC) are demonstrated, such as
• Particulate matters (PM2.5, PM10)
• Radon
• Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
• Asbestos
• Bio-aerosols, and more

Safe exposure levels, resulting health effects, measurement techniques, mitigate and control measures of these IAC are discussed.
Other important areas related to IAQ such as building ventilation systems, indoor flow characteristics, sick building syndrome, and thermal comfort are also covered in this course.


Introduction to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Why do we care about Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)? In the first module, basic concepts of IAQ are illustrated. Besides, Ventilation is effective in improving IAQ in general. We shall look into the ventilation concept, methodologies, and measurement techniques.

Radon and Indoor Aerosol

In this module, two major Indoor Air Contaminants – Radon and Indoor Aerosol are discussed. Their properties, sources, health impacts, mitigation and control measures are explained. Besides, we will look into another effective method to improve IAQ – Use of Air Cleaners. Some industries, such as pharmaceutical and semiconductor manufacturing, require very high cleanliness indoor environments. We will look into how professionals build cleanrooms for these industries.

VOCs, Ozone and Combustion Related Pollutants

In this module, three other major Indoor Air Contaminants that can easily be found at home and office. – (1) Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), (2) Ozone and (3) Combustion related Air Contaminants (i.e., Carbon Monoxide and Nitrogen Dioxide) are introduced.

Bioaerosols and Asbestos

In the last module of course, we look into the two other major indoor air contaminants – Bioaerosols and Asbestos. Staying in a clean environment does not mean the environment is comfortable. “Thermal Comfort” is also an issue that we need to consider. We also look into “Thermal Comfort” in this module.


Christopher Chao and Edwin Tso

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