How to Network: Leading Yourself to Lead Others (Coursera)

How to Network: Leading Yourself to Lead Others is an online MOOC Course, Offered by the University of Michigan via Coursera.

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How to Network: Leading Yourself to Lead Others Coursera Online Course Overview

Life is a relationship business, and the world is our work. Success in today’s complex, dynamic, and unpredictable world depends on our ability to cultivate, nurture, and activate relationships. This course – designed for students, professionals, and executives – will inspire learners to build a networking mindset and harness the power of networking to solve problems, create opportunities, and live out their individual purposes and goals.

A networking mindset is a strategic advantage in life and business. In the How to Network: Leading Yourself to Lead Others course, you will learn what networking really is and how to cultivate a networking mindset. You will also have the opportunity to clarify your purpose, analyze your personal brand, and learn the structure and method of building, nurturing, and activating relationships. You can network with confidence to achieve your goals – and do so faster. You will also create your own action plan to live out your purpose, personally and professionally.

This course serves all: from students and recent college graduates who face challenges in translating their degrees and experiences to a job to professionals who feel stuck and unfulfilled with their lives, to senior leaders and executives who have realized that a networking mindset is necessary to drive greater organizational success and need help figuring out how to go about it.

Course Syllabus

WEEK 1: The Connection Between Leadership, Purpose and Networking

WEEK 2: The Networking Mindset and the Networking Process

WEEK 3: Self-Leadership

WEEK 4: Leading Others

Course Instructor

  • Klementina X. Sula

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