The Future of Human Resource Management (HRM) (FutureLearn)

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The Future of Human Resource Management (HRM) (FutureLearn) Online Course
The Future of Human Resource Management (HRM) (FutureLearn)

The Future of Human Resource Management (HRM) (FutureLearn) Online Course Overview

Discover the possibilities of the future of people management, from HRM technology and innovation to job design. Learn HR strategies for building motivated, engaged and innovative teams. Rapid technological and societal developments are changing people management as we know it. Whilst there are hundreds of courses and books full of advice for HR teams, very few prepare learners for the future of people management. In this Human Resources training, you’ll explore human resource strategies that are meaningful to practice, grounded in research, and built for the future.

You’ll discover why HRM is the responsibility of all organisational members, including employees, line managers, and C-suites. You’ll also learn why people management practices can only become future-proof through customisation.

What will you achieve?

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to

  • Explain fundamentals of people management themes
  • Explore possibilities for the future of people management
  • Apply people management to an organization
  • Compare different approaches and practices of people management
  • Reflect on current developments in people management

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for HR managers and business leaders who want to broaden their leadership perspective at any stage of their career.

The course will also help you to improve your personal brand and professional value and increase your employability.

This course is also suitable for HR students or students interested in people management.


Week 1: Introduction

Week 2: HRM Flow

Week 3: Job Design

Week 4: HRM Systems

Week 5: HRM Outcomes

Week 6: HRM Architecture

Week 7: HRM Function

Week 8: HRM & Technology

Week 9: HRM & Innovation

Week 10: Closure


  • Anna Bos-Nehles
  • Jan De Leede
  • Jeroen Meijerink
  • Maarten Renkema
  • Tanya Bondarouk

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