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Python Data Structures (Coursera)

Python Data Structures (Coursera)

Key Facts

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University of Michigan

By enrolling in this online course you will spend approx. 1 week to learn key concept of Programming Languages.

Course Overview

Data structures play a crucial role in application development. The proper selection of data structures is important for efficient algorithm development.

The availability of a list, for example, greatly simplifies sorting a collection of data items. It would be difficult to do this without that data structure, as you will see. This is why Programming languages like Python have certain fundamental data structures built into the language.

Course Syllabus

In this course, you will create a Python application that reads from a file containing words and their definitions. You will use Python’s built-in data structures to make a multiple choice quiz based on words and their definitions.

Meet your Instructors

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Python Data Structures (Coursera)


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