Performance Assessment in the NGSS Classroom: Course 1 (edX)

Performance Assessment in the NGSS Classroom: Course 1 is online course offered by Stanford University via edX.

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Performance Assessment in the NGSS Classroom course from the Stanford NGSS Assessment Project (SNAP) is designed to guide participants in exploring the role performance assessment can play in helping their students meet the goals of the Next Generation Science Standards.

Participants will learn SNAP’s strategies for analyzing what an assessment is evaluating, analyzing multidimensional student data, and making instructional decisions based on evidence of students’ progress and additional needs. Participants will have opportunities throughout the course to practice using these strategies with sample short performance assessments (20-minute tasks) and student data.

Performance Assessment in the NGSS Classroom course follows a hybrid format designed to support groups of colleagues  learning together. Instruction is delivered through four video sessions and the assignments for those sessions are done in person (face-to-face) with groups of colleagues.

One member of the group should be designated a facilitator. Because this format is so unusual, we have created introductory videos to help you organize your groups and prepare for the face-to-face sessions. Note: SNAP is not present in these meetings — we provide facilitation guides and all of the materials you will need for the assignments, but these meetings are run by you and your colleagues.


Jill Wertheim and Cathy Zozakiewicz

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