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Cyber Security, UGC (Swayam)

Cyber Security, UGC (Swayam)

Key Facts

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By enrolling in this online course you will spend approx. 15 weeks to learn key concept of Cybersecurity.

Course Overview

The course on Cyber Security is very important in this digital era due to dependency on online operations, social media practices, upcoming technologies like IoT, IIoT, IoE, digitization and pervasive nature of mobile devices.

Secure online operations and safe handling of devices are the need of the hour. One must understand the security challenges as well as the best practices that are essential to protect one from becoming the victims of cybercrimes.

Fundamental knowledge in Cyber Security is very much required to understand the current status of cyber world. It is imperative to safe-guard the individual, society, organization and the government from the dangers of cyber frauds, scams, threats and attacks. A complete and Comprehensive course can achieve this.

This course is an inclusive course that covers all the aspects essential for understanding and for further exploration in Cyber Security Domain.

Course Syllabus


Week – 1
1.Introduction to Cyber Space
2.Introduction to Information Systems
3.Need for Cyber Security
Week – 2
4.Introduction to Cyber Attacks
5.Classification of Cyber Attacks
6.Classification of Malware, Threats
Week – 3
7.Vulnerability Assessment
8.Intrusion Detection Systems
9.Intrusion Prevention Systems
Week – 4
10.Introduction to User Authentication Methods
11.Biometric Authentication Methods
12.Biometric Systems
Week – 5
13.Different Security Models and Security Mechanisms
14.Information Security and Network Security
15.Operating System Security
Week – 6
16.Web Security
17.Email Security
18.Mobile Device Security, Cloud Security
Week – 7
19.IoT Security
20.Cyber Physical System Security
21.Social Media Security
Week – 8
22.Virtual Currency
23.Block Chain Technology
24.Security Auditing
Week – 9
25.Cyber Crimes
26.Different Types of Cyber Crimes, Scams and Frauds
Week – 10
27.Analysis of Crimes, Human Behavior
28.Stylometry, Incident Handling
Week – 11
29.Investigation Methods
30.Criminal Profiling, Cyber Trails
Week – 12
31.Digital Forensics, History, Challenges
32.Branches of Digital Forensics
Week – 13
33.Digital Forensic Investigation Methods
34.Reporting, Management of Evidence
Week – 14
35.Cyber Law-Basics
36.Information Technology Act 2000
37.Amendments to IT Act 2000
Week – 15
38.Evidentiary value of Email/SMS, Cybercrimes and Offenses dealt with IPC
39.RBI Act and IPR Act in India
40.Jurisdiction of Cyber Crime, Cyber Security Awareness Tips

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Cyber Security, UGC (Swayam) Course Review

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Cyber Security, UGC (Swayam)


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